Friday, 6 April 2012

Julep Maven's April Box

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well! It's Friday and I have the day off today! :3 So I am taking this time to review my Julep Maven's April Box! First off, here is what I received in my box and their description from Julep:

Best Pedi Cream Ever! ($22) Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses.

Alyson Nail Polish ($14) Almond creme featured on all the runways for spring. The new neutral.
Molly Nail Polish ($14) Classic red, updated. Looks great on all skin tones. 
Toes separators and a few chocolate eggs

My take on this box: I haven't tried the "Best Pedi Cream Ever!" but I am definitely looking forward to that. Summer is around the corner and flip flop season is coming so must have cute soft feet. As for the polishes, this is a very nice nude that does compliment my skin tone rather making it look like I have lobster hands! And the red is simply amazing! I've been looking for a bold red polish with no luck. I am happy with my box this month. If you guys are interested in trying out Julep Maven, consider using my referral link here and use the code "Color2012" and get your first month for $0.01! Forgot to mention one thing, I am supposed to receive a bag along with my box but they forgot so it'll be coming a bit later. I hope I could put that to good use! Thanks for reading and happy weekend!

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