Monday, 16 April 2012

How to keep your nail polish fresh!

It’s frustrating when you spend so much money on little bottles of goodness and they gunk up on you or they’re sealed shut after a few use. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to keep your nail polish fresh for longer!

1. I know that many of us has heard that if our nail polish gunk up, just drip a few drops of nail polish remover in it and voila! It’s gunk free! I’m not going to lie, I’ve done this many times but it wasn’t until a few months ago that I learned that, that is a complete no-no! Adding nail polish remover in your polishes will decrease the bond between the polish and your nail. What you should to is purchase nail polish thinner and that should do the trick.

2. Store your nail polishes away from direct heat and sunlight. When polish is exposed to heat, they thicken and become difficult to apply. An optimal location is somewhere cool and dry.

3. How about storing them in the fridge? I’ve heard people storing it in the fridge. I personally do not do it, but keep in mind that when you’re ready to use it, rub it between your palms so it will be easier to apply.

4. Do not shake your nail polish before you apply it! This cause air bubbles in the polish and once you put it on, a little bugger might end up on your perfect mani! Instead, roll it gently between your palms. If you must shake it (because it’s thick or you need to mix the colours), do it then let it sit for 30 minutes so all the air bubble can rise.

5. Cap stuck on? Take a cup (preferably ones that you don’t/won’t use anymore) and pour enough nail polish remover so that when you put your nail polish upside down in it, it will cover the cap. The dried up nail polish making your cap stuck on should loosen up.

6. Want to avoid your cap being stuck on in the future? Apply some petroleum jelly around the neck of the bottle. This will prevent it from drying and caking up on the neck/cap.

7. Nail polishes usually last around 2 years. So be realistic and toss the old ones out. I’ve tried salvaging old ones but end up making a big mess!

I hope this helps! Are there any tips and tricks you guys use? Do share :D !! Thanks for reading!

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