Thursday, 15 March 2012

[POTD] J'adore Dior...?

Hi guys <3 I hope everyone had a lovely week so far. Mine has been hell but it's finally coming to an end! My sister got me a present from Holt Renfrew last week and I never gotten around to show you guys what it was (I think). Well it's a Dior Vernis #579 Plaza and today I finally had the chance to try it out. So below is the picture of the nail polish. It's a very bright - not yet neon but very eye catching pink.

This is my first Dior polish so I thought I'd do a review on it for those of you who plan on purchasing it - it is a higher end nail polish so you might want to do some research before buying it. First off, I found the brush to be much thicker than regular brushes. You can compare the brush to Sally Hansen's Insta-dri but seems to be wider (Picture's below, it's around 5-6mm). So for those of you who has smaller nails like myself, you might have some trouble navigating the brush so you don't paint all over your fingers. It was a bit tricky but in the end I got it! As for the formula, it goes on a bit thick and runs dry before I got to the end of my nail. Maybe I'm just horrible at painting my nails! But the good thing is that it does dry fairly quickly compared to other nail polishes. For optimal coverage, you'll probably need at least 3 coats - with 2 coats you can still see my nail line but it dries super glossy (without a top coat) so I don't know if that makes up for it? The wear and tear on it yet - I wouldn't be able to tell you. Some says it chips easily even with a base some says it wears long. I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. I do think this nail polish is dupable and I do believe OPI has one and I do believe I have it! I will do a comparison for you guys (if you want). In the end, would I purchase another Dior Vernis? Um... I suppose it depends on the colour - if no other companies have it. I've heard great things on the Grey one though. But for the price of around $30 plus taxes meh... I rather go buy myself 3 bottles of OPI instead. Sorry for the long post. I hope this will help you guys in making your decision. Irene x

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