Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Haul of the Day

Hiiiii guysssssss Okay. So I went a little overboard today. But I have a legit excuse. They were on sale! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart last night and couldn't resist some were on sale some were just tempting me. Got a bunch of minis - I've never heard of this brand (Essence) but they're super cheap ($1.49 for 5ml) so I got all 22 of them (haha I know I'm insane) there's a picture of the nail polishes I got from SDM below. Right after I took that picture... the orange bottle on the lower right corner decided to jump off the bed, break and splash every where. UGH went all over my legs so I look like I have a tan-gone-bad. On a brighter note - my polishes that I ordered online came! Holy I was super anxious waiting for them. There's also a picture below. I got two China Glaze, a Color Club and a Nubar. They are absolutely beauties. I'll show you guys later! And finally got a few more China Glaze, nail polish thinner - didn't realize I didn't have any, and a few more random things. Pictures are below! If you want to see any swatches let me know (: Irene x

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